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PROJECT: Las Haciendas II Zone One
Origin: Chile

The cobalt project "Las Haciendas II Zone One" is located in the Coquimbo Region with a property of 22, 5 hectares. This project aims the extraction and production of cobalt at a rate of small-scale mining, i.e., 5,000 tons per month. Currently is aware of the presence of cobalt in this place, but without detailed information about the type of ore and the dimensions of the mineral deposit. That's so in the analysis it was taken as consideration the possibility of extracting mineral oxides or sulfides and obtained an assessment in both cases.

In the case of oxide minerals it was obtained a NPV for 10 years of 85 MMUSD with a 46% IRR and a 2.78 INPV. On the other hand, for sulfide minerals is calculated a NPV for 10 years of 81 MMUSD with a 43% IRR and a 2.58 INPV. All these calculations were evaluated from a CAPEX of 32 USD and 31 USD in the case of minerals sulfide and oxide respectively. These CAPEX considered machinery for extraction, plant, exploration and mining property value.


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