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Investment In Mining

AMERICAN LITHIUM AND COBALT CORPORATION specializes in the trade of products derived from the mining business, making it one of its focuses to achieve a greater supply of products.

We provide a secure and stable global trading platform through which we market or supply the various products.

Chile is one of the most attractive destinations for mining investment.

This is thanks to its high level of reserves, its legal framework promoting private investment, the availability of cadastral and geological information and the presence of leading mining companies worldwide. Investments in the sector have grown significantly. In 2015, they reached US $ 7525 million dollars.

There are currently 48 priority mining projects. Of the total of these projects, 6 correspond to extensions, 14 to projects with EIA approved or under construction, 4 to projects with EIA presented and 24 in exploration. Advice in the management of highly complex mining projects.

Mining tradition
Our Producers

The abundance of resources and production capacity allow Chile to be among the first producers of various metals:

  • Third producer of copper, silver, tin and zinc worldwide.
  • First Latin American producer of golds, tin, zinc and lead.
  • The sustainability of the leadership is based on its large mining reserves, ideal for future projects, silver, tin and zinc.
  • An exploitation has been used for mining exploration and exploitation.

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