Trading of Minerals

AMERICAN LITHIUM AND COBALT CORPORATION specializes in the trade of concentrates and minerals METAL AND NON-METALLIC AND PRODUCTS MINING BUSINESS RIGHTS. Provide a safe and stable global trading platform through which we market or supply the various products.

Our network of offices covers more than 4 countries in Latin America, which guarantees a fast flow and the commercial intelligence opportunity that gives us the ability to act quickly and efficiently to the requirements of our customers.


Below are the products of our interest

1. Copper concentrate over 25%.
2. Cobalt concentrate over 25%.
3. Copper ore over 8%
4. Zinc ore from 15%
5. Silver ore.
6. Lead ore preferably from 30%
7. Zinc concentrate from 45%
8. Tin concentrate from 60%
9. Silver concentrate from 20%
10. Lead Concentrate from 45%
11. Gold in bar any law.
12. Lithium carbonate technical grade 99.5%.
13. Cobalt ore over 2%.
14 Iron ore (magnetite) minimum 62%.
15. Copper cathodes (Depends supplier).

Export In Chile

National Export

In the last ten years, metal mining exports have increased nine times, reaching 19 336 million dollars in 2015.

This figure represents 50.54% of total national exports. If the non-metallic, iron and steel, metal-mechanical and jewelery products are added to this, mining products represent 61.62% of total exports.

Copper Export

During 2015, copper exports represented 42.5% of the total value of mining exports. In second place is gold, with 35.31% of the total and in third place zinc with 8.2% of total mining-metal exports.

Mining Export

During 2015, the main destination of mining exports according to the type of ore was China (Copper and Zinc), Switzerland (Gold) and the United States (Silver).

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